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My sonnet is titled "Shadows." A sonnet has 4 stanzas, 14 lines, 10 syllables per line, and every other line rhymes (ABAB CDCD EFEF GG). The most difficult part about this project was finding words that rhymed and fit the theme. I started with very different words, but I had to change them becuase I couldn't find words to rhyme with them. The last two lines were also the hardest, again because I couldn't find the right words. Overall, I'm satisfied with my sonnet and think I did a good job writing it. I learned how much harder it is to write an amazing sonnet than it looks.

When the sun sets with a last flash of light,
Out of corners joyous shadows arise.
Silently shrieking with extreme delight,
They turn dark the vanishing rainbow skies.

Through the streets and alleys they sneak and glide
Sprinkling sleep and fears of things of dreams.
Like snakes, to our beds they slither and slide
To shove into our minds nightmares and screams.

Each bearing a callous, pitiless smile
They control cruelty, remorse and night.
Making, shaping, forming everything vile
They hide, they lurk, they prowl just beyond sight.

But when sunlight peeks out to start the day,
The shadows shrink and crumble and decay.

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