Electric Blue
Before I started my glogster project, I had to write numerous poems (including a sonnet, an Ode, and a poem inspired by one of Robert Frost's). Once finished, I chose the best one and made a poster about it on Glogster.com. The poem I chose is called "Ode to Forgotten Keys." I had to write several paragraphs about my poem; what inspired me to write it, how I wrote it, why it's my best, and what my favorite word and line in the poem are. The most difficult part was choosing a theme for my poem, because none of the availible themes had anything to do with keyboards or seemed to fit. I had to be very creative with my theme, which I'm proud of. This project helped me learn about my writing process and taught me how to use glogster.

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    I love playing bass guitar, listening to music, and laughing so hard with my friends that people stare at us (at which point we laugh harder).


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