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A few weeks ago, my Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Gates, announced to my class that we were going to make E-portfolios showcasing our work from class. The purpose of the E-portfolio was to get used to working on a website, to present our work to the world, and to reflect upon our own compositions. I soon got started on posting my work and reflections about projects I did in class. In the reflections, I had to write what the project was, what I did well, what was difficult, what I learned, and anything else that I wanted to say about the assignment. I think that I did very well on my evaluations, even though they took a lot of time, and I learned a lot about how I write from them.

I also had to write a paragraph about myself, which is on the "About Me" page. For me, this was the hardest part. I'm always terrible at writing self-evaluations; I can't see myself from someone else's eyes. Therefore, writing it really helped me learn more about myself. Overall, I've really enjoyed this project, despite the difficulties, and am very glad I did it.

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