Electric Blue
Before I started reading A Christmas Carol, I was assigned a project where I took a passage from the book and changed its theme. I decided to write about a concert for my theme. I think I did a great job with the order of what came in, but it was the hardest part. I frequently reordered everything to make the piece better. Initially, I had the guitars come in first, planning to only have instruments. I soon found out that there weren't enough instruments in the concert I was visualizing, so I added special effects and crowd reactions. I think I used a lot of creativity in this project, and am proud of it. I learned that if I run out of things to say in my writing, I can step a little outside of reality's boundaries and explore.

In came the footsteps with the darkness, and went across the stage, and made a chilling anticipation, and stood like a thousand grim soldiers before battle. In came the shivering silence, one vast sea of eager eyes. In came the twin guitars, ravenous and wild. In came the eight drums whose chains they broke. In came all the colored lights streaming from the sky. In came the screams, with her brothers, the crazed cheers. In came the bass, with its peculiar partner, the blinding bursts of fire. In came the lyrics from a past rage, that gushed out a liquid melody; trying to tame the furious music, that was proved to have drunk the life from the ever-pulsing crowd. In they all came, one after another, some strongly, some smoothly, some sharply, some strikingly, some controlling, some following; in they all came, anyhow and everyhow.

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