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Once my class had finished reading A Christmas Carol, we began a project to explain the meaning of the book. Our teacher, Mrs. Gates, gave us the freedom to choose what type of project to do and how to spend our time. I decided to work with my friend Caitlin to make a movie. The most difficult part of the project was writing the script and filming the movie. When we began filming, we discovered that our script was too long to make a decent movie in the time we had, so we had to cut out half of our original script. However, I think that the movie turned out really well; even though the DVD we put it on didn't work at first. Doing a project with a partner taught me to consider and respect other's ideas and let me understand the book from someone else's point of  view. I also learned how annoying it is to add music to a 30-second clip of a movie on a Mac.

(Unfortunately, I'm unable to upload the video right now.)

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