Electric Blue
Hi, and welcome to my webpage. My name is Alanna. This website is a collection of the writing I do in my Language Arts class. To view my work, click on "L. Arts" near the top of the page. Feel free to comment with criticism. I don't learn from compliments and want to make sure I do my best. After you've read my writing, you can go to "About Me" to learn a little about my lifestyle and interests. This page is "Home," where I will post writing unrelated to school and other random things that I think of.


I named my website "Electric Blue" because when people first meet me, they think I'm quiet, thoughtful, and shy. But once I get to know and trust them, I open up and shock them with my altogether ecstatic, crazy, and utterly random personality. Electric blue is also my favorite color.

Another reason for the name is because I want to shock people through my writing. I want to make them puzzled and confused, empathetic and sad, or simply happy.

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    Alanna M.


    January 2010

    About Myself

    I love playing bass guitar, listening to music, and laughing so hard with my friends that people stare at us (at which point we laugh harder).